Nilfisk E140 2-9 S X-TraNilfisk E140 2-9 S X-Tra Pressure washer with 9m Hose Reel






Nilfisk is one of our best selling and most highly rated UK pressure washer brands. When this new Nilfisk E140 2-9 S X-Tra model became available we were excited to see what this machine had to offer. Today I am going to take you through my findings on the features of this pressure washer and to see what separates it from other models in the Nilfisk range such as the C120.

Nilfisk E140 2-9 S X-Tra Key features

  • Powerful 140 bar pressure
  • 230v powers a high performance 2100 Watt motor
  • Water flow rate of 500L per hour Maximum
  • Compatible with click and clean accessories
  • Weighs 18Kg with mounted wheels for easy manoeuvrability
  • Extra long 9 metre hose on reel

Nilfisk E140 2-9 S X-Tra Pressure washer Review

This is a high performance pressure washer that is ranked at the top of the Nilfisk range. It comes complete and ready to go with Vario and Power speed nozzles which are designed to produce maximum cleaning performance on hard surfaces such as slabs or fencing. These particular nozzles are also ideal for cleaning cars or other vehicles.

This Nilfisk E140 washer is build to a high standard and quality. It has 2 durable built in wheels making it very easy to move around the garden or driveway. The machine also has on board storage areas for keeping all the accessories and attachments. This avoids the loss of important parts, keeps things tidy and means everything you need is in one place and right to hand whenever a specific accessory is needed.

The Nilfisk E140 2-9 S X-Tra produces an impressive 140 bar of pressure, making this machine more powerful than both of the popular Nilfisk C110 and C120 pressure washers.

This E140 2-9 S X-Tra model comes with a lance that has a unique soft grip gun. At the end of the lance the cleaning function can be adjusted by using an easy swivel mechanism. There is also a cleaning solution dosing bottle attachment with this pressure washer which makes this the perfect high power pressure washer for car cleaning.

As I have already mentioned, this Nilfisk E140 pressure washer is more powerful than other models in the range and to make this machine even better it has a very long 9 meters hose on a reel. Most other Nilfisk pressure washers have around 5 meters which is pretty good. But this Nilfisk E140 machine can be used at almost double the distance with its 9 meter hose reach.

Nilfisk E140 2-9 S X-Tra Pressure washer conclusion

This pressure washer is durable, reliable, powerful, versatile and has an extra long hose. It has mostly very positive reviews and at the moment it has a 4 out of 5 star rating by customers at Amazon. If you are looking for a good quality and affordable Nilfisk pressure washer then it doesn’t get my better than this.