Nilfisk Compact 5-5Nilfisk Compact 5-5 Pressure Washer 1300 Watt Motor






Most people will spend thousands of pounds on an car and they want to make sure they preserve their investment. The Nilfisk Compact 5-5 pressure washer is the perfect tool to keep your car perfectly clean at an affordable price. This Compact 5-5 packs a punch and is much like the C110 model but without the wheels .


Nilfisk Compact 5-5 Pressure Washer Features

  • Compact and easy to move around
  • 1300 Watt motor and 100 Bar pressure – ideal for car leaning
  • On board accessory storage
  • Click and Clean compatible
  • Great for removing dirt and stains around the garden and home
  • Stylish Compact design and weighs only 5.5kg

Nilfisk Compact 5-5 Pressure Washer Overview and Review

Nilfisk is a great company that has been making reliable pressure washers for many years now. They make a wide range of pressure washer products and are highly regarded in this marketplace. Nilfisk has divided their product line into three divisions called the Compact, Excellent Compact 5-5 being used on carand Pro. This machine is the 5-5 and fits into the cheaper Compact line.

The Nilfisk Compact 5-5 is designed to handle a medium level of cleaning tasks. If necessary it is powerful enough to be able to handle a large amount of cleaning tasks because of its powerful 1300 watt motor. Even though the motor on this machine is powerful you will find that it runs very quietly, so you don’t need to worry about annoying the neighbours when you’re out washing the car.

This pressure washer has just a single but high performing pressure setting. The effectiveness of any pressure washer hinges on the size of the motor and the amount of max water flow that it produces. The Nilfisk Compact 5-5 pressure washer produces up to 440 litre of water flow each hour. This allows the washer to throw enough water at high enough pressure for very effective cleaning results.

This Nilfisk Compact 5-5 model comes with both the Vario and the Powerspeed nozzles. The different nozzles allow you to pound away at very tough stains on the patio or other required surfaces but then easily switch to the other nozzle to safely clean your car. The nozzles can be easily stored on the trolley so that you can have easy access to them when cleaning.

Unlike some other pressure washers, this Compact 5-5 is as the name suggests “compact” and easy to more around. It weighs only 5.5kg so can be easily picked up and moved by anyone. The wand can be attached to the side of the machine when not in use.

Nilfisk Compact 5-5 Pressure Washer Pros

This is a very versatile pressure washer that can be used for a wide range of cleaning jobs. It provides the necessary tools needed to clean a car as well as your patio, deck, driveway and many other jobs. Comes with a cleaning fluid dispensing bottle. The water flow on this machine is sufficient to clean the most stubborn stains. The 1300 watt motor is powerful but at the same time pleasantly quiet in operation despite the power it produces. Nilfisk offers a very comprehensive 2 y ear warranty on this pressure washer. The warranty protects against flaws in any material, part or workmanship during the two year period. Any damage to the hose and gun are typically not covered under the warranty because they are deemed to be consumer caused damages and not flaws in the product itself.

Nilfisk Compact 5-5 Pressure Washer Cons

Make sure that you have water running in the hose before you start the pressure washer because if you do not it is very possible for the engine to overheat. Ask me how I know that. It would be nice if Nilfisk had a monitoring device that would not allow you to start the engine without the water running to prevent people like me from making this mistake. This is at the lower power end of the Nilfisk range with 100 bar pressure where some other models have over 150 bar. It is not intended for heavy duty cleaning tasks.

Compact 5-5 Reviews and Conclusion

The Nilfisk Compact 5-5 pressure washer is rated a very impressive 4 stars out of 5 stars on Many people who have purchased this model are extremely happy with the performance. However, nothing is perfect and with any product there is always someone who finds a fault of some kind. I could only find one negative review left on this pressure washer which was from someone who received a Compact 5-5 with a faulty switch. This kind of thing seems to be a rare case though.

If you are looking for a very solid pressure washer with good power that can handle a wide range of cleaning activities around your house, the Nilfisk Compact 5-5 pressure washer will not disappoint.