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The Kärcher company was founded by Alfred Kärcher in 1935 when he created his own business in the heating technology market. Alfred Kärcher had many great product ideas and was completely committed to following through and implementing them. One such product was the Kärcher salt bath furnace which was for tempering steel and he owned his own patent for this product.

It was in 1950 when Alfred Kärcher made his first break through into the world of cleaning technology products with the birth of Europe’s first pressure washer which used hot water. It was named the DS 350 steam blaster and to this day the basis design is used in current products. The Kärcher business has been passed down through generations, is still in the hands and managed by the Kärcher family.

The Kärcher company has grown to be one of the world’s biggest and best industrial and commercial cleaning manufacturers. The Kärcher brand now has so much trust and is recognised as a company with incredibly high quality products and services that they have been chosen to do big cleaning  jobs such as cleaning the presidents’ heads at Mount Rushmore.

Another big cleaning job was the Matsudagawa dam in Japan in summer 2008. In this work it was not just cleaning but they created a work of art using pressure washers to remove dirt but it was done in a way that left an outline of flowers. It really is quite an incredible site and goes to show what an amazing company Kärcher has now become.

There was no question that a pressure washer from the Kärcher brand should be included in our list of the top pressure washers available to buy online in the UK. In fact, we have two of their pressure washers in our lost. One of which is the Kärcher K3.575 Pressure Washer which is an incredible cleaning machine at an affordable price. We have 5 pressure washer reviews on this site including the Karcher model for you to read through and we believe these are the best machines you can buy online and at the best price.