Cheap Pressure Washers

I would like to start off by saying that “cheap” means different things to different people. For some people, £300 may be considered cheap, while others are looking at cheap pressure washers at a price of around £50. After doing a little research though, most people consider a cheap pressure washer to be priced below £100.

So what cheap pressure washers are available under £100?

Well you will be pleased to know that there are many great options out there if you are looking for a high quality pressure washer priced well Nilfisk C110under a budget of £100. We rate Kärcher and Nilfisk to be the top best pressure washer manufacturers for the consumer market. Both of these manufacturers have a wide range of exceptional quality pressure washers at very reasonable prices.

At the time of writing this post for our Pressure Washers UK blog, our top recommended buy is the Nilfisk C120 3-6 PC Pressure Washer with Patio Cleaner. This particular product comes with a host of great features and accessories to cover many cleaning jobs with ease. At the moment it is priced just over £100 but this model has a baby brother called the Nilfisk C110 3-5 X-Tra, which is priced well under £100, in fact at the moment it’s available at around £50.

The Nilfisk C110 3-5 X-Tra pressure washer covers much of the same features as the more expensive Nilfisk C120 3-6 PC model. What makes them different is that the Nilfisk C120 3-6 PC has a little more power, a longer hose, patio cleaner attachment and 15m Drain and Tube cleaner.

For use around the home such as washing the car or stonework the Nilfisk C110 3-5 X-Tra is more than capable and an ideal choice. If you are looking for a high quality and cheap pressure washer then the Nilfisk C110 3-5 X-Tra is your best choice.

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