Bosch Aquatak Clic 125Bosch Aquatak Clic 125 Pressure Washer


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Few consumer pressure washers pack the amount of punch that the Bosch Aquatak Clic 125 Pressure Washer does. The versatile machine can help clean up a variety of items and surfaces in and around the home or garden.

Bosch Aquatak Clic 125 Pressure Washer Features

  • 1800 watt motor
  • Roto nozzle for drilling tough dirt out
  • Bosch Anti Tangle torsion Flex hose
  • Automatic retractable power cable and hose
  • “Easy-Roll” rewind system to help make setting up and cleaning up a breeze
  • An on/off switch operated by the foot, freeing up your hand to operate the jet
  • 4 in 1 lance to allow tons of flexibility

Bosch Aquatak Clic 125 Pressure Washer Overview

Washing larger items and areas can seem like a daunting task at times. The Bosch Aquatak Clic 125 pressure washer makes cleaning as easy as Bosch Aquatak Clic 125 on the movepossible for you. With a portable design that can be moved with ease, you can use this pressure washer just about anywhere.

Although small in size, the Bosch Aquatak Clic 125 Pressure Washer packs a mean punch. In all, the 1800 watt motor with water pressure up to 125 bar can help you tackle even the largest projects. The flow rate of 410 litres/hour also adds to this impressive cleaning ability.

The setup and cleanup times with the Bosch Aquatak Clic 125 Pressure Washer can be measured in seconds instead of minutes as well. With practical features such as the Easy-Roll and the Torsion Flex on the hose, you will find no problems getting right to cleaning.

Finally, the hose itself comes with four options to help you dispense the water at the right pressure. You are giving a low pressure fan, a high pressure jet fan, a pencil jet and a roto jet. This allows you to clean something more fragile like a bike right after something that needs heavy duty pressure like a cement patio.

Bosch Aquatak Clic 125 Pressure Washer Pros

The power this product provides is what most people jump to. It’s hard to find a product in this price range that can handle the heavy duty jobs. At the same time, the ability to be so flexible and handle the lighter jobs makes this a great product to have at your disposal. Offers a long 2-year warranty.

Bosch Aquatak Clic 125 Pressure Washer Cons

Controlling the power, at least for the inexperienced, does take some getting used to. A lot of people like to jump right into things, but it is definitely recommended that you indeed read the instructions while putting this together so you know how to operate the Bosch Aquatak Clic 125 Pressure Washer. Also, getting used to a foot operation can be difficult for some as well.


Reviewers have been pleased with the results the Bosch Aquatak Clic 125 pressure washer has provided for them. Most come away extremely impressed with how powerful the washer is compared to ones they have had in the past. Durability is also an area that the pressure washer gets high marks in. The majority of people reviewing the Bosch Aquatak Clic 125 Pressure Washer give it a well deserved 5/5 rating.

Bosch Aquatak Clic 125 Conclusions

If you need one durable and efficient pressure washer for your personal needs, it would be hard to find something much better than this. The price point is slightly higher than other consumer pressure washers, but the added features more than make up for that.

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